The Creation of Gingerville

December 24, 2019



A Christmas Story


The excitement was building when we were at the Bulk Barn looking to buy a gingerbread house kit.  The options for the decorations were endless and our creative minds were fully engaged.  We brainstormed a number of ideas and walked out with gingerbread house kits and bags of candy, icing sugar and all kinds of decorations, including candy snow flakes.



When the parents are away.....


A couple of weeks ago I was looking after my nieces and nephew while their parents went away on a short weekend trip.  I treasure my time with my nieces and nephews.  Anyone that knows me, knows that this is something that means the world to me.


We started talking about making gingerbread houses after dropping off the kids' parents at the airport, and everything evolved from there.  It was amazing how our ideas flowed just by talking about them.  Of course a stop at the Bulk Barn just gave us even more options and ideas.  Loaded with ideas and sweets of all sorts, we headed home.





The next day we got into assembling our gingerbread houses.  We had plenty of supplies, so my mom joined in the fun, too.  I was in charge to get everyone set up with icing and everything they needed, so everyone was well on their way with their creations before I even got started.  I found everyone's creativity so amazing.  Based on what I was seeing, I wasn't even sure where to start myself.  Everyone had such creative ideas of how to jazz up their gingerbread houses and make them unique and special. 


My mom is a creative at heart, and she got right into making her gingerbread house.  She is also quite competitive, which is always so amusing to me when I see that side of her surface.  When she gets into her zone, there is no stopping her.    


We had plenty of supplies for everyone to make two smaller gingerbread houses.  I decorated a house that was a bit bigger.  We decided to make it into a competition among ourselves of who could create the best gingerbread house.  A post of our favorite houses on social media would determine the winner.  We had many laughs and we fed off each other's creativity and energy. What a way to get into the Christmas spirit.



Building Gingerville


My dad joined us for a while at the table, watching us assemble our houses.  He was eating some of the candies at the table.  It was so funny, because all of us were aware of it, but no one said anything.  It didn't take him long to realize he was eating our decorations and we all had a good laugh.


Seeing we had several smaller gingerbread houses and a larger one, we decided to build a village.  Our creative efforts continued to come together and we made a sign for our village.  We decided to name our creation "Gingerville." Christmas trees, and carolers were added in the village center up on a hill.  Our combined ideas created a magical winter wonderland gingerbread village in the snow covered mountains.  My dad assisted in helping us get a wooden base for it all.


Gingerville was entered into another gingerbread house competition where we won second place.  My niece, Bethany, won first place for her "Teddy Bear Cottage" in our own competition.



We are Better Together


Creating Gingerville was a family effort involving three generations.  Everyone brought their best to the project with enthusiasm and unending ideas.  I consider myself to be a creative person, but I would never have come up with this on my own.  I loved seeing everyone's ideas pour out of them.  It was incredible to me how we all came up with even more ideas just by brainstorming how we could put all this together.  It was such a beautiful reminder to me that we are just better together.



The Magic of Christmas


We had a fun weekend together, creating Gingerville, doing Christmas baking, and decorating for Christmas, going for walks and having some talks with each other.  It was so much fun to see Dillon and Renee decorate the tree.  I loved listening to them talk about how they would go about color coding the tree and how to arrange different ornaments.  Bethany was a huge help with the baking and decorating of the cookies.  Everyone had many laughs, ate some sweets and we all created some special memories with each other.  Now that is what Christmas spirit is about for me.......spending time together and creating such special memories!



From my family to yours, I wish you the most wonderful and blessed Christmas and Holiday Season.  



Enjoy the "Creating Gingerville" slideshow of pictures.




© Sigrid Sauereisen 2019


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