Navigating the Storm

March 22, 2020


A lot has changed for most of us in Canada, the USA.....and in the world in the last week or more as we all try to navigate through the global pandemic of COVID-19.  Our world as we knew it, as little as a week or two ago, has ceased to exist, leaving us all in uncertainty in many ways.



Navigating the Storm


In many ways I'm no different than anyone else in the world right now.  My life and plans have been turned upside down by what is going on with this pandemic.  It's scary and unnerving as I try to figure out which information is factual in order to stay current without being sucked into the black hole of fear.  It's been hard to keep up with the changes as they have been implemented very rapidly, and have changed on a daily basis.  Fear and everyone's opinions on various platforms have gone rampant in society.  Sadly this fear drives anger and a lot of disrespect.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not over and above this in any way.  We are in uncertain times for sure.  It's normal to feel scared.  To be honest, I had a good cry yesterday morning as everything from the week caught up with me.  It was a great release of all that tension and energy that had built up.  I truly felt better after just "feeling" it, and letting it out through my tears.



A Time to Rise


You can't calm the storm, so stop trying.  What you can do, is calm yourself.  The storm will pass.

-Timber Hawkeye


A friend of mine posted this the other day and it really put things into perspective for me again.  I can't change what is happening, but I have control over how I react to it.  I'm not going to lie, it has required some serious focus and pulling from deep within to calm my fears at times, but it's do-able.


I'm not saying we shouldn't respect direction of social distancing, hand washing, the seriousness of this, etc., but on the same note life is not over.  It's just a matter of figuring out how to make it all work differently now.  Whether that looks like extra sanitation in any kind of public area, avoiding negativity, or face timing all your friends, I encourage you to figure out what works for you. 


I personally like listening to inspirational messages/podcasts.  It always amazes me what people have the power to overcome when they make the decision to do so.  I find it very inspiring.  I'm always in awe over how people pull together when the going gets tough. 


In my opinion, humor and laughing is also very vital.  It offsets negative moods and is very healing.  Seriously......try it out......  I promise you that you cannot be sad or grumpy with a smile on your face.  Laughter is the best medicine.  


Exercise has also been a great way for me to burn off stress.  I'm fortunate to have a good friend that is working out with me.  We get to have a good chat and laugh as we try different workout videos.  On top of all that, a Saturday afternoon nap has also been helpful these days. 


When I'm at work, the dog always makes sure he gets his snuggles in.  I'm not sure to what extent the owners are aware of it, but I believe Jasper has made me his human.  I got a serious giggle the other day as I was helping to shovel out a grain bin and Jasper kept peeking in the door every once in a while to see if I was still there.  It was so funny to see his head pop just above the frame of the bin door.  Pets are just the best!


Creativity in my world is vital......and has been for quite some time already.  When I am out and about with my camera in nature, I can forget that the rest of the world exists as I connect with something that is bigger than me.  Looking through the lens of my camera helps me to see the beauty of the world in so many ways. 



New is Hard


Life in the midst of this pandemic is a completely new playing field for all of us.  We are all trying to figure out what this means and looks like, in the midst of trying to overcome fears and staying well.


I know these are trying times, but I have decided to be intentional about continuing to show love to others, to be positive, and to help people.  I will also continue to have fun and live this life to the fullest.  It's not perfect, and sometimes it requires me pulling back from everything so I can gather courage and strength and faith to keep going.


New is hard.....we don't like the discomfort.  When we give up being new and awkward we stop growing.  When we stop growing, we stop living.  (Brene Brown on FFT's podcast).


When I heard this, it was such a revelation for me!!  I know deep in my heart that it's true as I've lived it in so many ways over the last three years or so......but that's another blog in itself.


Get busy living or get busy dying.

-Shawshank Redemption


When we stop growing we start declining.  There is no in between.


In a program I work on regularly, it talks about "life" being outside the comfort zone.  This has just taken on a whole new dimension for me.  


I've done a lot of things over time that have been "new" and I'm determined to continue to do that even more so now.  I want to keep living.  Doing new things never gets comfortable, but the more we do it, the more we get used to discomfort.  Staying standing when feeling unsure and uncomfortable is the foundation of courage.



Be Kind


"Kindness is loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weakness."



I appreciate my community of friends, family, and acquaintances so much.  The most amazing thing about this community is that they love and accept me just as I am.......faults and all.  There is just nothing more powerful than being loved and accepted unconditionally like that.  


The other things that is so important about to me about this community is that we help each other out.  There are times when I help or inspire others.  But there are also times when I'm struggling I go to them for strength and support.  


It is my hope that you all have such a loving community.  It is such a vital part of life, as we are not meant to do life on our own.


For a great read on how the power of kindness impacts your life and others, click here.


Be kind in general.  You never know who is in need of your strength. 




The image for this blog was created by me in 2018.  It is called "Navigating the Storm"



© Sigrid Sauereisen 2020




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