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Manitoba is an incredible province to see and experience.  Partake in a photo adventure tour and leave behind the stresses of regular daily life as you immerse yourself in nature, creativity and adventure. 


Whether you are into photography, or not, your host and guide Siggi Sauereisen will show you some of Manitoba's most beautiful scenery and help you see the world that surrounds you in a new way.  


These full day excursions give you an opportunity to leave behind the daily stresses of life as you are engulfed by nature and adventure with fellow creatives, photographers and people who love to explore and experience this beautiful world.  The day will also include discussions on photography and seeing the world around you in unique ways. 


Some tour package options are:

Spirit Sands

Old Pinawa Dam 

Small Town Manitoba

Lake Winnipeg

Prairie Skies


These adventure tours will take you to some of Manitoba's most unique destinations.  Along the tour we often visit some old and abandoned buildings iconic to the prairies.  Siggi is passionate about the abundance of unique things that Manitoba has to offer, which are incorporated into various tours in the form of dining experiences, shopping stops or unique overnight destinations.  


This is not an all inclusive list as Siggi continues to create new adventures.  Enjoy one of the many tour packages or work with Sig's Stills to create a unique adventure.     


For more information on tours and destinations, please get in touch.  

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